Programme Outcomes

Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Programme [CBCS Mode]

The Department of Commerce, Jhanji Hemnath Sarma College affiliated to Dibrugarh University offering the Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) Programme under Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) mode for the students’ community with the below mentioned objectives:

1. To develop managerial skills among the students in order to setup businesses ventures and manage it efficiently and effectively.
2. To develop accounting skills among students required for maintaining and presenting business information of different business organizations.
3. To provide knowledge on global trade and commerce in order to understand the impact on national economy.
4. To make the learners aware about various aspects of micro, macroeconomics, tools and techniques of Statistics.
5. To acquaint the learners about business law, taxation procedures, computer systems, its applications and network infrastructure.
6. To provide the basic knowledge about Indian Financial System and recent development in finance