Principal Achievements

          1. Journal:International Journal of Plant Science Title: A systematic Study of the Ptridophytic flora of Sivasagar District, Assam. Vol-8 Issue-1 

          January 2013 Pp-113-115  

          2. Paper published in International Journal of Plant Sciences Title: ‘A Study on the Basidiomycetious fungal diversity of Sivasagar District and 

          their economics importance’ Vol-7 Issue-2 July-2012  

          3. Medicinal importance of aromatic Rhizomes and their present status in Sivasagar DISTRICT Assam, Panchajayanna P.P 166-173.  

          4. Ethno-zoological aspects of certain endangered animals in Assam. The Asian Journal of Animal Science (Referred Research Journal) Volume-7, 

          Issue-2 Pp.131-134.  

          5.Dr. Marjiana Begum, Asstt. Professor Depatrment of Chemistry Sibsagar Grils’ College achieved Ph. D under his Guide Ship.2014.