Vision, Mission & Objective


   1. Jhanji HNS College aspires to impart quality education through comprehensive and knowledge oriented education by 

   inculcating qualities of competence, confidence and excellence.  

   2. To impart quality education for building a strong foundation of the nation, the college has well defined objective oriented, 

   consistent effort to produce knowledge empowered manpower, is the need of the society.



  1. To instill temper and develop skilled human resource to contemporary challenges.

  2. To create a healthy academic environment for promotion of quality education.

  3. To facilitate young adult learners with opportunities to improve their ethics and leadership potential.

  4. To sensitize learners towards inclusive social concerns, human rights, gender and environmental issues.

  5. To set an ideal standard for achieving excellence in the fields of teaching and research.

  6. To promote innovations in planning, teaching and evaluation in achieving perfection.


  The main objective of the institution is to transform the students into well meaning citizens through the committed pattern 

  of instructions    based on carefully prepared and well designed curricular aspects. Another objective of the College is to transform 

  the students into well meaning citizens through well prepared socially committed patterns of instructions. In other words the objective 

  is to cater to larger groups of students through conventional and distance mode. The vision and mission statements are communicated 

  to the students, teachers, staff and other stakeholders through the college prospectus, the college website, the annual bulletin, news 

  letter, publications as well as regular communications and briefings. It is also available in the college website.