Members Say…..

                          Yatra, a journey….this modest newsletter is an attempt to highlight both academic and non-academic activities of the teachers 

       and students and the college as well.           

                           The plan of this newsletter, as is evident from the contents and the synchronistic data attached herein, will portray that both 

       teachers and students keeping hands together have been trying to give the institution a new dimension in both curricular and  co-

       curricular aspects.            

                             This newsletter is like microcosm which has typically featured the historical moments of the institution which has completed 

        50 glorious years this year and it is, no doubt always a matter of delight that we are offered an opportunity by the honorable Principal Sir 

        to be a part of it.          

                               We herewith take this opportunity to pay a tribute of high respect to all the great people who labored hard to establish this 

        prestigious college and who have been sincerely contributing to the institution to complete its rich 50 years .Our very hearty thanks are due 

        to Dr. Manjit Gogoi and Mr. Bireswar Neog,the Principal and Vice-Principal respectively and our erstwhile colleagues.  

       Pranjal Protim Borah 

       Sunanda Das