Departmental Activities


      i.Departmental wall magazine “Saruzmukhi” was unveiled and bagged 2nd prize in the competition of departmental wall magazine in the 

      college 2013-14.



       i.Departmental wall magazine , “Rainbow” was published on the occasion of Teacher’s Day 

      ii.The Department organized students’ seminar on various topics.


       i.Departmental wall magazine “Uttaran” was published on the occasion of Teacher’s Day. 

      ii.Departmental Seminars organized of the students on following topics 

      a.Unemployment Problem in Assam. 

      b.Role of Public sector developing economy 

      c.Gandhian Economic Thought. d.Index number-A Theoretical Study.


      i.The Department wall magazine “Pratyush” is published by the students on the occasion of the Teacher’s Day and published a 

      magazine “Mahasweeta” on the occasion of international Women’s Day 

      ii.Organized a department Education Tour to Numaligarh and Kaziranga University 2014. 

      iii.Departmental Seminars are conducted on the following topics- 

      a.Relevance of Gandhi’s philosophy on modern society on 03/07/14 

      b.Educational management. A modern and scientific concept on 14/02/14. 

      c.Relevance of Educational Philosophy in Modern society on 26/02/14



      i.Departmental wall magazine “Oitijya” was enveiled and bagged third best prize in the wall magazine competition for the year 2013-14. 

      ii.On the occasion of Golden Jubilee Celebration year of Jhanji HNS College, the department organized a special Lecture on the topic 

     “Religion and Politics” Sri Atul Gogoi,the former Principal Of Deoraja People’s Higher Secondary School attended the programme as the 

      Resource Person.



      i.Department wall magazine “Anuranaam” was published on 5th Sept 2013 and begged best prize for decoration. 

      ii.“Sanskrit Divas “ was celebrated on 20 August 2013 Dr. K.K Handique the former Head of the department presided over the meeting 

      Sri Rajani Kanta Goswami the former Principal of the College was the Chief Guest in the programme. 

      iii.Department Organized seminars on different topics. 

      a.The place of Alamkara in Sankrit literature. 

      b.“Contents of the Rgveda”


      i.Career Oriented Course (COC) on “Entrepreneurship Management” sponsored by U.G.C in 12th Plan period has been introduced in the 

      academic session 2013-14. 

      ii.The department introduced practical classes of information Technology for B.Com Semester student. 

      iii.The department wall published a research book (ISBN) edited by Dr. Jayanta Gogoi entitled “Vocational Educational in North East India  

      in July 2013 

      iv.The department wall magazine “Murchana” was unveiled and a meeting of the teachers’ and students was held on the occasion of 

      Teacher’s Day. 

      v.The students and teachers of the department visited the M.B.A department in Tezpur University on12th feb. 2014.



      i.The department arranged an educational trip to Gibbon sanctuary at Mariani and to the district planetarium at Jorhat at the end of the year


      ii.The students of the department donated a sum of rupees two thousand five handred to KARUNADHAR in July 2014 “ KARUNADHAR” is a 

      trust , run by eminent personalities like Homen Boragohain, Nishinath Chang Kakoti to help the new generation who are otherwise able 

      but talented.


      i.  The department organized a field work at Geleki Reserve forest on 9th Dec 2013.